Welcome to Caribbean Print Shop!

Our vision is to make the Caribbean Print Shop brand a powerful force in the e-commerce industry.

Our mission is to take the ideas of our customers and make them real through efficient design, production and delivery.


Our History

Our company began in 1982 printing greeting cards for the people of the Caribbean. At that time, we amazingly printed full colour greeting cards on a one-colour printing press with perfect registration.  Since then we have expanded our equipment to include 2 four-colour presses and complete bindery equipment.  Our digital department opened in 2009 with one Xerox Printing Press. Since then the size of the department has quadrupled in size and we now own a variety of machinery that can get most printing jobs done.


Our Team

Caribbean Print Shop is made up of a team of dedicated professionals with tens of thousands of hours of print experience who have successfully completed thousands of projects. This success is a tribute to our employees who stay true to our company’s fundamental values of hard work and dedication.


Our Products

We have included the products on our website that have allowed us to grow over the years.  These include business cards, envelopes, letterheads, greeting cards, flyers, posters, tickets, brochures and many more. We have thousands of pre-loaded templates and customizable products available to our customers. Or you can let our professional graphic designers create custom print products for you.


Benefits of Online Printing

Our customers get to pick their own style, design, shipping and payment mode and leave the rest to us. Your artwork is stored securely and can be accessed with the click of a button if you need to reorder. You can get also get your order delivered right to your doorstep.


Payment Information

Pay at Caribbean Print Shop Office: If you choose this option you are required to make your payment at the office before the job starts.


WiPay Today (NLCB Voucher): You will need to purchase a voucher from any NLCB outlet. Please specify from the outlet that you would like a WiPay Payment Voucher. The NLCB outlets already have preset value vouchers, we will let you know what price voucher to purchase depends on your total order. You are required to pay an extra $5.00 for the transaction. Once you purchase the voucher call or send us the voucher/serial number. When we verify the voucher, your order will be in the processing stage. You can pay your balance in cash when you are collecting.


WiPay Today (Invoice):  An invoice will be sent to you via email, an addiitional Fee willbe added in the Invoice.

Additional Fee: 3% + $5.00